It All Started with a Paint Machine and a Prayer…

I dedicated myself to a company for 25 years. The company started going thru some buy outs and I ended up being told my position was eliminated.  I saw the writing on the wall for several years before it actually happened.  In 2005 I started this business part time I was let go from my previous company in 2007.  At that time I started this business full time.  When this occurred, I decided at that point I would not let someone else control my destiny, so I did every thing I could to make this work out.  So far so good.

I knew nothing about line painting – the only thing I knew is that I felt it would be a fun and interesting business.  I had hired people to do it for my other employer and thought it could be a interesting fun job.  As I was wondering what I was going to do when I lost my job, several people had told me to do something I thought I would like to do. I am a conservative person and don’t take enough chances sometimes.  I tried it. 

I bought a paint machine and prayed that it would work out and here I am 16 years later still painting lines and enjoying it.  I have met and talked to a lot of good people out there that gave me advise and chances to make it – and still do ask a lot of questions.

– Jim