Parking Lot Striping

Our Parking Lot Striping services include new layout, re-striping, custom lettering & numbering, custom stenciling, painting of speed bumps and parking stops.

Do I need to add striping to my parking lot?  Its the Law!


ADA-Compliance/Handicap Parking

Do I need handicap parking spaces?  Its required by Law!

When you choose About Exteriors, we will advise you on how to meet all of your compliance requirements that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) mandates for your parking lot.


Fire Lane and Curb Painting

Are marked fire lanes necessary?    They are critical for public safety!

Our fire lane and curb painting services include curb painting, fire lane marking, flat surface stencil painting, curb stencil painting, and customized stenciling.  About Exteriors specializes in fire lane markings.

Parking Area Cleaning Services

About Exteriors also offers parking area cleaning services.  Whether you need light cleaning monthly, regular cleaning weekly, or heavy traffic area cleaning daily, we are here to serve!

Sport Court Resurfacing

When resurfacing sport courts, we use sport master products. Initially we start by cleaning the surfaces and filling the cracks with acrylic patch binder. Then we put down 2 coats of acrylic resurfacer followed by 2 coats of your choice sport master acrylic color.